The Artist

“I decided to combine
my knowledge in gemstones
and artistic streak
to reach art through jewellery.”

The Impressionist

“I consider my jewellery as impressionism,
layout of colours and light
seizes fleeting impressions.”

The Conductor

“All these millions of stones are like
musicians in front of me that I’m
conducting. Me and stones listen
and talk to each other.”

The Jewel Setting Master

“You can’t separate art and craftsmanship.
It’s a parallel between mental
and physical research.”

The Masterpiece
Iris Bracelet


Flower meaning of iris: “Never ending love”.
Life-sized fresh iris decorated with diamond flourishes on fine and delicate bracelet. The posture and texture as that of fresh flower, just like full of the radiance of sun, stars and rainbow, those flowers are demonstrating its splendid life.

Description and specification

Vivid yellow diamond, purple diamond, yellow diamond, white diamond, colour stone

Pink sapphire Millennium
Flower Brooch


In 2000, in order to celebrate millennium, Zaavy plans to use 4 flowers to represent 4 seasons, but only two flowers for spring and summer have been completed.
The keynote of the flower bringing spring message is pink. The pigments have different nuances, complementing with gemstone brilliance, and different heights of setting, hence the artwork is not only an artwork of high jewellery but a breathing flower.

Description and specification

Pink sapphire, white diamond, yellow diamond, colour stone

Karsavina ring


Fascinated by the splendor of “The Ballet Russes” of 1909, Zaavy created “Ballet Collection”.

This ring is an artwork of “Ballet Collection”. The ring named after the ballet star Tamara Karsavina (1885 – 1978), shows hers feminine, poetic, splendid movements on the podium.

When this ring is posing for admiration, circle of the ring reveals tension; when this ring is wearing on a finger, this ring has surprising gathering effects, all movements finally centered on the rare chrysoberyl.

Description and specification

Chrysoberyl, diamond, colour stone, platinum

Opal Legend ring


Frédéric Zaavy once conceived a legend: in a wood where the sunlight can barely penetrate, there is a tree gathers the essence of hundred million years, some leopards always quietly perch around this tree of life, to protect the tree from disturbance.

The original plan is an ornament, part of this ornament is used to make high jewellery, as an introduction of this legend! This ring is one of them, the splendor of ever lasting time shines through the intertwined roots of this tree of life. This scene is just like mirage yet it’s so real.

Description and specification

Diamond, spessartite, paraiba, colour stone

Ribbon bracelet


Ribbon bracelet comprises three artworks, two rings and one bracelet. They represent the instants of well tied, just untied, and almost fully untied status of ribbon, respectively. They are wearable high jewellery, as well as ornaments for admiring from different angles.

This bracelet represents the movement of almost fully untied status of ribbon. This bracelet has tension while is soft and an ordered chaos.

Description and specification

White diamond, moonstone, colour stone, gold

Magma ring


The sweet yet heating gemstone is melting… This artwork is on action, it is not a single action of magma flow, but a record of magma flow. When contemplating this magma ring, you would feel that this ring is on action and flowing.

The surface of magma flow is full of setting gemstones, a few cool color gemstones decorates hot warm color gemstones, while recording temperature changes.

Description and specification

Spinel, white diamond, pink diamond, colour stone, gold

Space ring


Using the interpretation of cubist to show illuminating and ever changing of Galaxy far away.

The paintings of cubist depict different facets of objects, gathering them on a same level, to illustrate the most complete picture of objects.
Multi layers of geometric facets on a semi sphere of perfectly round, display “synchronicity” of space of cubist paintings. Admiring this artwork from different angles is the best way to well understand its beauty and the enormous challenge of setting.

Description and specification

White diamond, pink diamond, colour stone, gold

« If you don’t have something you are ready to die for,
perhaps you are not fit for this life »

Nelson Mandela
Frédéric Zaavy.

If today that’s the name of one of the most enigmatic high jewellery house, it was first of all the name of an artist. His first creations date back to 1993. In his discreet workshop located in the center of Paris, he puts technique at the service of art and art in the service of high jewellery. At that time, there were 4 master setters and 6 master jewellers in the world. He will be both.

To master everything: from the idea to the artwork, from the drawing to the choice of the gem. Nothing but perfection.

By pure passion, he elevated what had become a profession to the status of art: artist jeweller. Maybe the most precious art.

A conductor: each of his creations is a partition for his stones. He made the light dance. He used to carve gems, each stone as a vibration of colors and light... He transformed the material in a colors shimmer. Each piece as an array of impressions. This garnet that sometimes ignites; this river, diamonds of light. Blue, white... changing. As the Impressionist gets high on color variations: he composed each jewel: he painted with gems.

Each creation is a piece of his soul, a part of the artist. Each work is the testimony of a visceral, devouring passion: a destiny.

The man is dead but his work is there: there remains 204 drawings, 204 paintings of light that are waiting to take shape.

The love of his life and associate, surrounded by artisans who have devoted their entire career to a work that exceeds them can’t let art die with the artist. Whatever it costs: the collection will emerge.

We do not buy a FZ jewel: we meet it, we recognize it. He has been with us forever. Like a work of art that marks the soul, not everyone can understand it: everyone does not have access to it.

Because you have to be an esthete to grasp the scale, the poetry.

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